Massage Candle Island Passion - 6 oz.

Massage Candle Island Passion - 6 oz.

Set a sexy mood with the Kama Sutra Island Passion Massage Candle. Light the candle and watch it melt from candle wax to massage oil. With thirty-five hours of burn time, you will have many hours of warm seductive and sultry moments. Massage the oil on yourself or your partner and leave your skin moisturized and infused with the sensual scent.
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Manufacturer: Kamasutra
Made in USA  Made in USA
This is my absolute favorite massage candle. I am obsessed with the scent of this candle. You can forward directly on the skin while it's still lit because it doesn't get super extremely hot. Once it cools it goes back to a solid shape. It smells so good and it works like a really good moisturizing oil. --

Because this company uses the coconut oil instead of the soil oil it has the ability to not clog up the skin but cool back down into natural form. The smell of this specific candle is great for that more romantic deep feel for something more light the company has a great Mediterranean almond scent. The container comes with the pour able spout making massaging super easy and is used with a wax that will not heat up to the point of hurting you. The oil is actually very warm and soothing!!! --

By far my absolute favorite candle! The aroma is fabulous. They us coconut oil which makes your skin feel amazing. You can use it while it still has a flame because it is not too hot at all. --

This candle smells so amazing! Not only does it smell amazing but you can pour it directly onto the skin as the wax isnt piping hot. Also! It's made with coconut oil so when in its in its waxy liquid form and is massaged in, the skin absorbs it leaving you moisturized smelling good and relaxed. --

I've never really like flavored lubes. They just taste weird to me. But I like JO products and decided to give it a try. It's not bad. Not amazing, but pretty okay for a flavored lube. I can use this one and not want to gag. And because it has no sugar in it I don't have to worry about any nastiness which is a plus. --

I was not a fan of this. Wet is a pretty okay brand as far as regular lube goes, and I thought I'd try the warming. All I got out of the experience was that I do not like warming lube. It does work well, just was not pleasant for me. --

I absolutely adore this massage oil candle. The smell is absolutely divine. And it feels great. I use it to moisturize every couple of days. Makes for a great excuse for a rub down! --

Yes yes yes and YES! This was an amazing purchase for me and my partner. We had a good weekend together and I decided to treat her to a full body massage. Keep in mind that this product says for EXTERNAL USE ONLY. As in dont put it inside your body. this candle massage oil gets to a good enough heat to where you can feel a good sensation and it cools down on your body very fast! I would recommend this to anyone that wants to treat their loved one to a sensual massage! --

How to Use:

Trim wick before burning. Let wick burn until warm pool of oil forms-approx 20 minutes. Extinguish flame and spoon warm oil into palm of your hand and massage your partners body.


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