Massage Candle Mediterranean Almond - 6 oz.

Massage Candle Mediterranean Almond - 6 oz.

Set a sexy mood with the Kama Sutra Mediterranean Almond Massage Candle. Light the candle and watch it melt from candle wax to massage oil. With thirty-five hours of burn time, you will have many hours of warm seductive and sultry moments. Massage the oil on yourself or your partner and leave your skin moisturized and infused with the sensual scent.
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Manufacturer: Kamasutra
Made in USA  Made in USA
These candles are the best! The Mediterranean Almond is a refreshing scent. The pour spout is convenient for pouring. -- Pamela

This is the nicest smelling, cleanest burning, smoothest candle I have ever used. I love this product and would recommend it to anyone. The only piece of advice I will give is if your using it on a bed put a separate sheet down because the oil does not come out in wash. This is not a fault in the candle itself they all do that. -- Christine

I absolutely love this candle!!!! The almond one just takes my breath away! Is feels great smells great and has a spout for easy pouring. --

this candle smells sooooooooo amazing.. I don't even know how to explain the scent. its like heaven on earth literally !!! --

I love the smell of this candle. Its just so relaxing. --

How to Use:

Trim wick before burning. Let wick burn until warm pool of oil forms-approx 20 minutes. Extinguish flame and spoon warm oil into palm of your hand and massage your partners body.


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