Sexopoly Board Game
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Sexopoly Board Game

Put fun at the top of the agenda next time you meet your friends with Sexopoly - the game where friends mix business with pleasure. Want to be as huge as Hugh in the Adult Industry.. Compete with your friends to build the biggest most profitable Adult Empire enjoying more than a little monkey business on the way. Each throw of the dice will move you around the board and by using Sexopoly dollars you will purchase businesses and aim to make the most profit within the adult industry. Beware the Risky or Frisky cards which can help or hinder your progress by relieving you of your money clothes and inhibitions or tempt you with more riches by performing challenges.
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Manufacturer: Creative Conceptions Llc
Made in: China
honestly not something worth buying. its about as fun as regular monopoly but it takes as long ton play as normal monopoly aswell. wish I would have thought this purchase through earlier. honestly if your doing a naughty party pick something you can play with a passive(drunk) mindset. --