Jelle Water-Based Anal Lubricant - 4 oz.

Jelle Water-Based Anal Lubricant - 4 oz.

With decades of experience in pleasure the creators of Wicked have thoughtfully crafted Jelle Anal Lubricant to address the specific needs of anal play. Highly concentrated to be extra long lasting and never sticky this super slick water-based lubricant stays where you put it and provides extra cushion and superior glide. Desensitizers have been eliminated from the luxurious formula to ensure safety sensation and pleasure.
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Manufacturer: Wicked Sensual Care
Made in USA  Made in USA
I've used this for anal sex every so often and it works and i really liked the feel of it and it made it much easier for anal play and intercourse. I personally liked it. --

Perfect for backdoor play. This lube is long lasting and doesn't get sticky. The consistency of the lube is awesome! It's "jelle" at first, and stays right where you apply it, and then with friction it breaks down and coats everything very thoroughly.
Wicked lube is seriously amazing, this water based lube feels very slick like a silicone lube!
Highly recommend this product. --

This is, without ANY doubt, my favorite anal lube. Possibly my favorite lube ever. It's smooth, slick, thick, and long-lasting. It doesn't get sticky, and even though I'll always recommend using a LOT of lube for anal, this doesn't need quite as much as you would with more watery lubes. The best part about Jelle is it's consistency. Just put a little between your fingers, give it a pinch, and enjoy the pillowy squish it gives you. That little pillow makes for a smooth ride, and has done more for the anal beginners I've talked to than most other things I'd suggest, AND it's water based, so it's toy friendly! A good lube makes for a whole different level experience, and this is a GREAT lube. --

How to Use:

Apply a small amount where lubrication is desired.

Special Features:

Latex friendly and parben free.

Cleaning Instructions:

Washes off with water.