JO 2.5oz H2O Lubricant

JO 2.5oz H2O Lubricant

JO H2O Water based lubricant has similar feel and viscosity to silicone, yet contains no oil, wax or silicone. JO H2O is long lasting and silky smooth.
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Manufacturer: System Jo
great hubby & I use it all the time for all type of unexpected pleasures... -- N/A

I absolutely loved this lube it worked well for as long as I needed it for the particular activity I was doing! It works great for stretching things lol -- Joy

System Jo is my favorite lubricant brand. All of their products are pharmaceutical approved and doctor recommended. And the best part is it doesn't get sticky or tacky! BEST LUBE EVER!! -- Nicole

JoH2O is the best I've used so far. It was recommended by my gynecologist. No tackiness. Soap and water cleanup, which is great. The flavors are tasty too. --

This is my favorite water-based lube in the world! System Jo H2O stays silky smooth where other lines get gooey and glue-like. It's safe to use with any type of toy or condom, and is easy to clean. It's the perfect lube for everyday use. --

Jo's H2O Lubricant is amazing for all types of fun (solo or duet)! The pricing is reasonable for the quality of the product. In fact, it might even be a bargain. Jo's has quickly (and slickly) become my favorite brand of lubricants to use! --

Great stuff. Best bang for your buck in the lube world. Not super expensive and JO has a bunch of different products, but this is a classic waterbase. Worth. --

After trying other lubricant product I totally prefer this product. It doesn't get sticky or tacky, good last ability, easy to clean up. --

H2O makes great products, yet this one is not the best out there. I had tried the water based lube with a partner and found myself having to use almost 2 oz because it seemed that the lube would just absorb right into my skin. Im sure this is great for toy or personal use but it did not bring me any closer to my partner, if anything slightly killed the mood... :( --

Jo lube water based or silicone lube is great the after feel isn't sticky, it's affordable and very pleasing --

Words cannot describe how much I love the JO brand! I have very sensitive skin and I am highly allergic to anything that touches my skin and the JO water based lube has been the only thing that I have found that works and doesn't make me breakout. The lube isn't the only thing I use either. JO has tons of other products that work amazingly and I highly recommend them to anyone with sensitive skin. --

Smooth and much better than a lot of other water based lube that I have tried. Will still dry out but that is the problem with water lube. --

One of the more popular water based lubricants and for a very good reason. It's an high quality lubricant and it's natural, silky/smooth, and easy to clean off after play time is done. I enjoy this lube very much. --

I love this item with my toys. Never feels sticky. I would tell everything to try this item! --

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