JO 16 oz H2O Lubricant

JO 16 oz H2O Lubricant

This water-based lubricant feels just like a slick silicone lube and offers a similar long-lasting appeal. Latex safe, odor and fragrance free. Never gets sticky or tacky and washes off with water.
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Manufacturer: System Jo
Feels awsum and natural...slick and smooth...enhances the tactal feel of your hand...prolongs the orgasm experience. -- Hard Rodman

H2O waterbased Jo is the closest thing to my body's natural lubrication. Not sticky. Feels good even on little amounts. I always recommend it to my friends. --

I have tried a lot of other water based lube's and all of them have had that sticky tacky feeling not long after you start to use you're toy or with you're partner. It can be annoying to say the least. This lube does not do that very quickly. It takes it a great amount of time for it to get sticky. I can also use water to rehydrate the chemical that makes it slick with a bit of water. I can that an awesome lube to have! --

Stays slick and doesn't get sticky. Fave lube. Recommend to all my friends. --

Lelo is consistently one of my favorite brands. The Ina Wave was a wonderful add to my collection. The material is soft and has no unpleasant odor. Hits all the right spots and has just the right power. Love it. --

Bought this to wear out. Got attention all night. Felt sooo sexy. Great dress for the club. --

Spotted this little guy on the way out of my local store. The girl at the checkout turned one on for me, and I was surprised at the power. A little annoying to clean, but not too bad. Wish it held a charge longer, but I buy rechargeable batteries so it's not too bad. Goes everywhere with me and gets the job done on the go. All in all not a bad buy. --

Love Luxe! Great power for the price. The material is soft and cleans easy. Great buy! --

I bought this as a gift for a friend. I admit, it was a bit of a joke. When I got it, I re-boxed it and gave it too her as a display piece. It sat on her mantle for 2 months before someone pulled up the site and showed her what it was. We got a good laugh out of it. A week later she called to tell me how much she enjoyed it as an actual toy! Not worrying about lube is a great perk and the glass cleans easy. Definitely worth the money for a laugh and a happy friend! --

Jo is my absolute favorite lube. I always used the water based and it never disappoints. I have tried the cooling and warming but for everyday use I prefer the original. It's not sticky or tacky and it's easy to clean up. I recommend Jo to everyone! --