Massage Therapy Gift Set

Massage Therapy Gift Set

Whether you're soothing sore muscles, relaxing the body or rejuvenating the soul, Restore your mind, body and spirit with this sampler set of Aromatic Massage Oils will help you share your loving touch. Each is artfully blended with pure essential oils and fortified with skin-nourishing Vitamin E.
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Manufacturer: Kamasutra
Made in USA  Made in USA
I ordered this packet so I would get a bit of a variety of different lotions. There are 5 different scents which all smell amazing, the sweet almond is my favorite so far. Tested it out and it felt and smelled wonderful, maybe I should take them to Jan next time I'm at the day spa...HAHA --

These oils smell amazing. Before I would just buy one or two different ones and I've actually got the pack because I like them so much. They all smell really good. It's hard to choose between which scent is the best but I'm happy that they provide this product so that way you do have a variety. --

The Massage Therapy Gift Set is perfect for traveling or if you don't use a lot of oils and want a variety of them. I like that it comes in a easy to carry plastic case for easy clean up in case of spills. The almond one is my favorite but I really do enjoy all of them. --

How to Use:

Drizzle your favorite scented massage oil onto your hands or directly onto your lover's body. Gently caress into the body and enjoy aroma-therapeutic scent, as well as the light and silky texture.

Special Features:

Aromatic Massage Oils can also be used in bath water for beautifully scented, soft and silky skin.

Material: Each is infused with natural essential oils, skin-smoothing emollients and nourishing Vitamin E.